Pain Psychology for your Fibromyalgia patients

We make evidence based pain education and self-management strategies easy, engaging, and 100% accessible from home.
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Our solution

More Good Days is a digitally delivered pain psychology and self-management program for fibromyalgia. The program combines support from registered psychologists with bite-sized engaging educational content delivered through an app.


Evidence-based treatment modalities

Our program has been developed based on established clinical guidelines for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) for pain, Pain Neuroscience Education, Mindfulness Based-Stress Reduction and more.

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Created by a multidisciplinary team

We believe that pain management needs to be holistic to be effective. Our program has been developed by people living with fibromyalgia, physicians, psychologists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and pain scientists.

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Personalised therapist support

More than half of patients with fibromyalgia present with depression or anxiety. Our qualified psychologists work directly with patients over telehealth to tailor strategies to patient's unique circumstances and address any mental health barriers.

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Topics covered in the 10-week program

3 phone screens using the More Good Days app, 10 week guided pain program
  1. Fibromyalgia Explained
  2. The Science of Chronic Pain and Central Sensitisation
  3. Our Pain Dial - how thoughts, emotions, behaviours impact pain
  4. Grief and Acceptance: Adapting to a New World
  5. Pacing and Movement
  6. Handling Stress and Anxiety
  7. Somatic Tracking and Mindfulness
  8. Healthy Boundaries and Communication
  9. Sleep Strategies
  10. The Journey Ahead

Access to our app and content is free for practitioners

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An evidence-based approach

CBT| ACT| MBSR | Pain Reprocessing Therapy | Therapeutic Neuroscience Education | Pacing & Movement

Read about the current scientific evidence for moregooddays approach

Today, evidence suggests that the best approach to Fibromyalgia is a whole person approach that includes psychological therapies and physical conditioning. To understand why this is, the article explains the nature of pain and then summarises current scientific evidence for managing Fibromyalgia that underpins the moregooddays approach.

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Scientific Evidence Paper, the cover reads "Is moregooddays a science-backed approach to Fibromyalgia?"

How it works

The More Good Days 5 step process for patient referrals

Referring patients to More Good Days

Patients will need to be referred under a Mental Health Care Plan for at least six sessions to be used as part of the program.

+61 3 44216105

General Practitioners

Please send this referral form and a copy of the patient’s Mental Health Treatment Plan to our email or FAX number.

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Specialist Doctors

Please complete the following online referral form and we will get in touch with your patient, liaise with their GP to get a MHTP plan, and get them started on our program.

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